It Has Become A Familiar Custom: Handing Out Reading Glasses Brought From The Netherlands

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  Klik hier voor de Nederlandse vertaling.   Just as previous times, we have also during our most recent time spent together with our team (July/August 2022) handed out an amount of reading glasses that we brought from the Netherlands. … Continued

Reading Glasses Handed Out At Our Location

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  Dit artikel kan hier in het Nederlands gelezen worden.   It has become tradition that we hand out from the Netherlands brought second-hand reading glasses during the times spent together with our team. After having done so in 2018 … Continued

Finally Back to Beautiful Uganda!!!

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  Deze post is hier in het Nederlands te lezen.   After two and a half years, we have finally been able to sit together physically as a team again! Although our intention is to that every year, Covid-19 had … Continued