Our Fifth Rainwater Collection System Has Been Constructed: Kitooma Primary School Has Received A Capacity Of 20,000 Liters.

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  De Nederlandse vertaling is hier te lezen.   Earlier this week, the system was officially handed over to the school and put into use in the presence of all students. Kitooma Primary School, like all other places where we … Continued

Finally Back to Beautiful Uganda!!!

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  Deze post is hier in het Nederlands te lezen.   After two and a half years, we have finally been able to sit together physically as a team again! Although our intention is to that every year, Covid-19 had … Continued

Rainwater Collection System with a Capacity of 20,000 Liters Constructed at Kasinde Primary School

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  Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands te lezen.   After having constructed rainwater collection systems at Burimba Primary School, Butenga village and Mwendo Primary School, we have now constructed a system with a capacity of 20,000 liters at … Continued

Another Rainwater Collection System Constructed at a Primary School at Lake Bunyonyi

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  Dit artikel is hier in het Nederlands te lezen.   Last week, we have finished the construction of a third rainwater collection system with a capacity of 10,000 liters. Just like the first system that we constructed several months … Continued

Rainwater Collection System Constructed in Village on Lake Bunyonyi Surrounding Hills.

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  Dit artikel kan hier in het Nederlands gelezen worden.   These last weeks, a team has been working hard to construct a rainwater collection system in Butenga village, which is located on the Lake Bunyonyi surrounding hills. While we … Continued

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