Uganda Trip 2022: A Wonderful, Yet More Than Ever Confronting Experience

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  Klik hier voor de Nederlandse vertaling.   Some days ago, my husband and I have with pain in our hearts returned to the Netherlands from another wonderful, yet this time more than ever confronting trip to Uganda, spent with … Continued

Period Poverty In Uganda

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  Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands te lezen.   Since early this year, we are raising funds to provide (school going) teenage girls in our work area with washable sanitary pads. We started this initiative to make it … Continued

How We are Supporting the Poorest People at Lake Bunyonyi During the Second Lockdown

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  Dit artikel is hier in het Nederlands te lezen.   As mentioned earlier, Uganda has been in a strict lockdown since June 18 due to the increasing number of COVID infections. The lockdown has been declared for at least … Continued

Uganda in Strict Lockdown as COVID-19 Hits the Country Again: Consequences for Poverty are Incalculable

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  Klik hier om deze post in het Nederlands te lezen.   Following a new wave of COVID-19 infections, which currently affects all Uganda, President Museveni has on 18 June announced the second, strict lockdown for the country during 42 … Continued

Fourteen Months of Hunger Takes its Toll: the Batwa Groups are Exhausted and Desperate

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  Voor de Nederlandse vertaling kunt u hier klikken.   Last week, during their most recent visit to the Batwa groups at Lake Bunyonyi, our Ugandan managers Aaron and Noah have witnessed what we have as a team been fearing … Continued

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