The Batwa Groups at Lake Bunyonyi are Still Struggling to Survive.

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  Deze post kan hier in het Nederlands gelezen worden.   On Saturday 30 January, our Ugandan team managers, Aaron and Noah, have again provided the Batwa groups at Lake Bunyonyi emergency food. Our special food providence the day before … Continued

Een nieuwe mijlpaal: tweede motorboot voor de leerlingen van Bwama Primary School in aantocht!

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  This article can here be read in English.       Eindelijk is dan echt zover! Onze splinternieuwe, vanuit Nederland getransporteerde, stalen motorboot staat op het punt om bij Lake Bunyonyi, Oeganda te arriveren. Daarmee zullen er voortaan twee … Continued

Two Lives Saved at Lake Bunyonyi Thanks to Quick Intervention With Our Motorboat.

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  Dit bericht is hier ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar.   On January 15th, NiCA  Managers Aaron and Noah were with others working on the construction of the recently to our Swimming Instruction Center added covered area when they suddenly … Continued

New Development: Covered Area Added to Our Swimming Instruction Centre.

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  Om dit in het Nederland te lezen, klik hier.   These last weeks, an enthusiastic local team has been working hard to add a covered area to our Swimming Instruction Centre. The extra space, that is directly adjacent to … Continued

Visiting Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH) in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

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  Dit artikel is hier in het Nederlands te lezen.   Introduction A place we definitely wanted to visit with our joint team during our most recent Ugandan trip was the field office of Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH), located … Continued

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