We Are Constructing 20 Rainwater Collection Systems Of 5,000 Liters In Villages

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  Dit artikel is hier in het Nederlands beschikbaar.   As part of our goal to invest in clean water facilities, we have early this year constructed a first 5,000 liters rainwater collection tank at a widow’s house located on … Continued

Uganda Trip 2022: A Wonderful, Yet More Than Ever Confronting Experience

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  Klik hier voor de Nederlandse vertaling.   Some days ago, my husband and I have with pain in our hearts returned to the Netherlands from another wonderful, yet this time more than ever confronting trip to Uganda, spent with … Continued

Great News About The Batwa: The Potato Seedlings Are Growing Successfully!

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  Dit artikel is binnenkort ook in het Nederlands te lezen.   We are very happy to share that the potato seedlings we provided the Batwa some months ago are growing successfully and will soon be ready to harvest. This … Continued

We Are Grateful For Also In 2022 Being Selected For Receiving Financial Support Of Trap-In Uden!

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  Deze post is ook in het Nederlands te lezen   Also this year, Dutch Foundation Trap-In Uden has selected HWMCO-Nederland as one of the charity foundations that can count on their financial support. Since 1974, Foundation Trap-In organizes a … Continued

Finally, We Can Now Also Soon Resume Our Swimming Lessons!

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  Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar.     One of the activities we organized earlier this year, during the weeks we spent together as a team, was the very first swimming lesson of the new year. During … Continued

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