Lightning Protection And Support For Completion Of Community Project At Mwendo Primary School

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  Liever in het Nederlands lezen? Klik dan hier.   Mwendo Primary School is one of the schools located remote on the Lake Bunyonyi surrounding mountains that we are supporting. Unfortunately, early 2022 one of their school buildings was struck … Continued

The Construction Process Of The Traditional Transport Means At Lake Bunyonyi: The Dugout Canoe

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  Liever in het Nederlands lezen? Klik hier.     Who has ever visited Lake Bunyonyi in southwest Uganda will have noticed that it is a most beautiful and pristine place where, to this day, traditional dugout canoes are commonplace. … Continued

Our Special Christmas Goal

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  Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar.   In September we posted a report that also included several videos about the burning down of the house of Francis Ruyumbu (65) and his family. Their house completely burnt down … Continued

Helping The Batwa Grow Towards Self-Sustainability: Providing Them With New Potato Seedlings

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  Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands te lezen.   Earlier this month, we have once more provided the two Batwa groups that live in our working area with potato seedlings for them to grow and harvest. This was … Continued

It Has Become A Familiar Custom: Handing Out Reading Glasses Brought From The Netherlands

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  Klik hier voor de Nederlandse vertaling.   Just as previous times, we have also during our most recent time spent together with our team (July/August 2022) handed out an amount of reading glasses that we brought from the Netherlands. … Continued

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