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About Nicky’s Care for Africa Foundation

NiCA Foundation initially started as a project under HWMCO-Nederland in 2017, for it to be registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO) in Kabale District, Uganda in 2018. The foundation is a daughter of HWMCO-Nederland, whereby goals and strategies are jointly determined, with NiCA being the local executive foundation of the by HWMCO-Nederland generated funds.


The name Nicky’s Care for Africa explained

NiCA Foundation is named after and in honor of the founder’s in 2011 deceased son, Nicky, who just loved Africa and would have wanted to help there. He had great pity with the poor population of Africa, but also, he was very much intrigued by the wildlife on the continent. He had once done a presentation at school about gorillas and it had been his dream to see the mountain gorillas, of which the biggest part of the population still alive can be found in Bwindi Impenetrable park, Uganda, one day.

During the search for a location to start a project in her son’s honor, her attention was obviously drawn to the southwestern part of Uganda and Lake Bunyonyi, located nearby Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. She came to realize that she had probably not coincidentally been guided to this specific area and how thrilled Nicky would have been about starting a project there.


What we do under NiCA Foundation.

In general, we do as much as possible to provide children in our working area, Kabale District, with better facilities, knowledge and skills to improve their future possibilities in becoming self sustainable.

We provide our help in such a way that big groups of children can benefit from it. Our activities encompass the below fields:
– safe transport over Lake Bunyonyi for school going children;
– safer means of transport over water in general;
– local and tourist boat services;
– water and sanitation systems and resources;
– environmental protection activities;
– a community house (future);
– a vocational education center (future)

We work on improving:
– education of any form and welfare of the children in the region;
– hands on skills development (practices)
– health education and awareness, including knowledge about gender issues and health issues such as HIV/AIDS;
– education and advice on agriculture and cultivating crops;
– education and advice on food and nutrition;

Our in 2019 realized Swimming Instruction Centre, to which a covered area has been added in January 2020,  is a great example of how it is our aim that children from communities at large can benefit from our investments.

Since 2020, we also focus on ensuring safe drinking water for communities, as important that is for just anyone’s health. Please view here the complete list with goals we have achieved and goals we currently want to realize.

Important to mention are our principles, that are an important guideline both for us to decide how and where to offer help and for those who request for our help.

If you want to help us achieve our goals, please visit the section ‘How You Can Help’ on our website.

Please stay tuned on our website for updates on our activities!


HWMCO-Nederland & NiCA Foundation
‘We Fight Poverty by Bringing Development.’


(Updated February 2022)