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Current goals:

  • For us to be able to provide a third and last motorboat to ensure the pupils of Bwama Primary School daily safe transport, the amount of 32,500,000 UGX needs to be raised (depending on the actual exchange rate that equals around €8000,- to €9000,-  ).
  • We want to realize a rainwater collection system at several primary schools in the area; a selection criterion in this, amongst others, will be how many families from the community can, apart from pupils, benefit from the system. In rural Uganda, it is quite common for people who live in the immediate vicinity of a school to make use of its water supply. The actual costs will have to be calculated per situation, yet we estimate them to be somewhere between 10,000,000 and 14,000,000 UGX (depending on the actual exchange rate that equals an amount between  €2500,- and €3500,-).
  • Due to the increased number of pupils of Bwama Primary School, following the introduction of our motorboats, still at least 20 life jackets need to be added. The price of each life-jacket is currently 100,000 UGX (depending on the actual exchange rate that equals around €25,-).
  • To facilitate learning to swim for the children, we want to purchase a number of tools, for which an amount of 1,200,000 UGX is needed (depending on the actual exchange rate that equals around €300,-)
  • Additional goal during the coronacrisis: supporting the poorest around Lake Bunyonyi by providing emergency relief. Increasing poverty and starvation has turned out to be a most urgent problem with the majority of the population that lives around the lake completely depending on tourism, which was the first sector that completely collapsed already in March, when the precaution measures to keep COVID-19 out of the country were announced. From around 1,000,000 UGX (depending on the actual exchange rate that equals around €250,-) we can provide 180-200 people emergency food.


Achieved goals:


Please visit the section ‘How You Can Help’ on our website to read in what ways you can contribute to achieving our goals. Of course every contribution, no matter how small, will be highly appreciated!


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(Updated August 2020)