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Travel guides and self-travelling tourists, including large groups, are very welcome to take a guided tour of Lake Bunyonyi, provided by our Ugandan Manager, Noah Mubangizi, who started working as a local tour guide many years ago and is most knowledgeable about the area.


As a foundation, we have invested in three motorboats for the purpose of safely transporting school going children over the lake every weekday. During the hours that the children are all at school, the boats are available for guided tours, with proceeds of those tours being used for maintenance of the boats and helping us achieve more charity goals.

Our three motorboats have different sizes and are all special in their own way. One of them is roofed, so it can be used in all weather conditions; one was constructed in the Netherlands and from there transported to Lake Bunyonyi; the third can easily transport up to 100 people and is even known to be the biggest boat at the lake.

With a depth that varies between 44 meters and 900 meters, Lake Bunyonyi, is the deepest lake in Uganda, the second deepest in Africa and the third deepest in the world! The lake is located at 1962 meters above sea level; 25 kilometers long and 7 kilometers wide, it is said to be formed 10,000 years ago as a result of lava flow that emerged from one of the volcanos in the area. The lava blocked the Ndego river and formed a natural dam in it, which then caused a whole valley to be filled with water.

The lake is one of only few lakes in the region that is free of bilharzia and because of that safe for swimming. Surrounded by beautiful, steep, terraced hills, it is loved by both local and international tourists and a recommended place to visit for everyone who loves water, beautiful countryside sceneries and culture.


Literally translated as ‘place of little birds’, Lake Bunyonyi thanks its name to the great population of birds living there. More than 200 bird species can be spotted in the area, with the beautiful Crested Crane (known to be Uganda’s National Symbol) and the Weaver Bird (known for his love nest), being just a few of them.

During a guided trip with one of our motorboats you will learn about the significant history of islands such as Punishment Island and Bwama Island, which are just two out of the 29 islands in the lake. An impressive visit to one of the Batwa groups (belonging to one the oldest surviving tribes in Africa) that live at the lake, a canoe trip, a visit to a local market, or a hike through the wonderful pristine environment can also be part of the experience.

Lake Bunyonyi is also a very popular place to visit right before or after Mountain Gorilla tracking!

Last but not least: with Uganda also being very suitable for cycling holidays, we are happy to take your bicycles on board!



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