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Music is so much more than a series of notes and rhythm. It is a universal language that exists in each and every culture. It can reach deep into the human spirit, providing a connection in a way that words simply cannot. With children being born musicians, we want to encourage them not only to experience the joy of listening to music, but also to develop their musical talents. Therefore we ask for your help.

We are looking for small, second-hand, music instruments, such as recorders, smal pan flutes, harmonicas, tambourines, etc.  If you have any kind of small instrument, in good shape, that you are not using anymore and you want to be helpful in offering the children the so essentially important opportunity of making music, please send an e-mail to hwmco-nederland@outlook.com.



For other ways to help, please visit our section, ‘How You Can Help’.
Any form of support, no matter how small, is of course always highly appreciated and brings us closer to realizing that so important better future for the children.


HWMCO-Nederland & NiCA Foundation
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