Period Poverty In Uganda: A Serious Problem With Serious Consequences.

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  Liever in het Nederland lezen? Klik hier.   In Uganda, the school participation of girls is known to be low; 80% do not finish primary school! The structural lack of access to sanitary pads as a result of poverty … Continued

Jackfruit, the largest tree-borne fruit in the world grows also in Uganda!

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  Liever in het Nederlands lezen? Klik hier.   Jackfruit is a tropical tree fruit that belongs to the same plant family as figs and mulberries. Under its thick, bumpy green rind is a stringy yellow flesh that you can … Continued

The Construction Process Of The Traditional Transport Means At Lake Bunyonyi: The Dugout Canoe

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  Liever in het Nederlands lezen? Klik hier     Who has ever visited Lake Bunyonyi in southwest Uganda will have noticed that it is a most beautiful and pristine place where, to this day, traditional dugout canoes are commonplace. … Continued

Uganda Trip 2022: A Wonderful, Yet More Than Ever Confronting Experience

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  Klik hier voor de Nederlandse vertaling.   Some days ago, my husband and I have with pain in our hearts returned to the Netherlands from another wonderful, yet this time more than ever confronting trip to Uganda, spent with … Continued

New Goal Added: Rainwater Collection Systems Of 5,000 Liters In Remote Villages

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  Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar.   As we increasingly focus on safe drinking water, we have now to our goals added the construction of rainwater collection systems, with a capacity of 5,000 liters, in villages that … Continued

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