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Current goals, big and small:

  • We want to realize rainwater collection systems at several primary schools in the area; a selection criterion in this, amongst others, will be how many families from the community can, apart from pupils, benefit from the system. In rural Uganda, it is quite common for people who live in the immediate vicinity of a school to make use of its water supply. The actual costs will have to be calculated per situation, yet we estimate them to be somewhere between €5.000,- and €5.500,- for one 10,000 liter tank and depending on actual exchange rates. In case of two 10,000 liter tanks the double amount will be needed.
  • We want to construct toilet buildings consisting of 5 separate latrines at some primary schools where we have previously constructed rainwater collection systems. Costs of that are calculated to be around €12.000,- depending on actual exchange rates.
  • We want to build 5,000 liter rainwater collection systems in remote villages that can not be reached by a truck. Cost per system €500,-.
  • We want to provide in the Netherlands produced family size waterfilters to families in our working area that live at the shores of Lake Bunyonyi. Price per waterfilter € 25,-
  • We want to provide re-usable sanitary pads to (school going) teenage girls in need of them. For to €5,- we can help one girl.
  • We want to provide basic school materials to primary school children for an amount between €2,50 (lower school classes) and €5,- (higher school classes) per child.
  • We want to provide people with singular reading glasses who are in need of them; costs per glasses €5,-


Achieved goals:


Please visit the section ‘How You Can Help’ on our website to read in what ways you can contribute to achieving our goals. Of course every contribution, no matter how small, will be highly appreciated!




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(Updated March 2024)