20,000 Liters Of Rainwater Harvesting For Buhumba Primary School

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We recently completed the construction of two rainwater harvesting systems of 10,000 liters each at Buhumba Primary School. This is the sixth school we have added to the list of schools we support. Like the other schools where we have installed rainwater harvesting systems, Buhumba Primary School is located on top of the steep hills surrounding Lake Bunyonyi. The school has more than 800 students. In addition to the students, local residents of the school also use the realized facility. The latter is very common in rural Uganda.

When we first visited the school in August 2023, it had a dilapidated water supply, consisting of an irreparably damaged 10,000 liter plastic tank and a working 10,000 liter brick tank; the construction of the building on which the brick tank is located makes it impossible to utilize its full collection capacity. In short: for a school of this size, the available water supply was far inadequate.

So, after successful fundraising, two new, solid rainwater harvesting systems have now been realized. The first has replaced the damaged plastic tank. The second system is connected to a brand new, recently completed school building that was made possible thanks to enormous efforts from the community.

The systems that we install at schools always consist of a plastic inner tank surrounded by a brick wall for extra strength and protection. A plastic tank alone is not only very vulnerable, but also has the disadvantage that the water collected in it can become very warm at high temperatures, which of course promotes the development of pathogenic bacteria. This is prevented by building a brick wall around it; that way the water remains cool. We are also very attentive to the use of the correct (composition of) materials used, such as sand and cement. All to guarantee maximum lifespan. Also, for us to guarantee the uniform quality of our projects and to rule out corruption, we always build everything under our own management.

The community has also been very helpful in the construction of both rainwater harvesting systems. We consider that very important. In fact, we consider it of great importance that the local population makes an effort, where this can reasonably be expected of them, in the interests of both their own development and that of their children.

Our thanks for the realization of this project goes to the two Dutch trust funds that found willing to contribute to its financing. Of course we also thank the Buhumba community for their efforts! Last but not least, we would also like to thank our constructor Erasmus Mutana for his professionalism and his tireless efforts!

On June 20th the official commissioning of the project took place in the presence of various local government officials and local press. The article below was published in the local media:

NICA foundation Donates Water tanks and Scholastic Materials to Buhumba Primary School



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