5,000 Liter Rainwater Collection System For Elderly Woman Realized Thanks To Generous Private Donation!

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Thanks to a fantastic contribution from our loyal donor, Christine Wijgerse, we were recently able to delight an elderly woman, Alice, with a 5,000 liter rainwater collection system, also called Enyungu. Alice has difficulty walking, making it no longer possible for her to make the very steep descent to the lake for water and then back up again with a filled jerry can. She also single-handedly cares for 6 school-age grandchildren who have been abandoned by their parents. A typical example of a physically difficult situation where the presence of the Enyungu can bring much relief. As always, families from the immediate area also use the water supply.

Our thanks of course go to Christine Wijgerse from the Netherlands who single-handedly made this investment possible!

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