New Canoe Made Available to Burimba Primary School Teaching Team

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Liever in het Nederlands lezen? Dat kan hier.


At the request of the head teacher of Burimba Primary School, we recently provided the school a brand new canoe to enable some of the school’s teachers to commute across Lake Bunyonyi.

Burimba Primary School is one of the schools we support. The school is located on top of the mountains surrounding Lake Bunyonyi and the students all come from the immediate area; they do not have to venture onto the lake to reach the school. However, a small group of teachers do have to cross the lake every day to get to school. Until now, they paid a daily amount from their small salary for a canoe service. Moreover, in this way they often failed to reach the school on time, which was of course at the expense of the students’ teaching time.

The safest way to cross the lake is of course by motorboat, but given the fuel costs involved, it is not an option to use it for such a small group of people at regular intervals.

The canoe provided free of charge by our foundation is used jointly by the teachers concerned to cross the lake to and from the school every day. Not only do they no longer have to pay for transport across the lake from their salary, they can now also teach the maximum number of hours.

Together with the canoe we have also provided the number of required life jackets. A safety requirement of our foundation is that everyone who travels across the lake in one of our canoes wears a life jacket at all times.

By making this canoe available, we ensure a better financial situation for the teachers concerned as well as a greater number of available teaching hours for their students.



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