We Are Constructing The Next 28 Rainwater Collection Systems of 5,000 Liters In Remote Villages

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Since water is known to be the source of life and many people in our working area do not have access to safe water, we are very concerned about this. In 2022, after a successful pilot, we structurally added to our goals the construction of 5,000 liters rainwater collection systems in remote villages. Please find more information about this goal in this previously posted article. After having constructed a total of 21 systems last year, we are currently constructing the next 28 systems; this brings the total number of this kind of rainwater collection systems built in 2022 en 2023 to 49.

The 5,000 liters rainwater collection systems, we call them ‘Enyungus’, will be constructed in remote villages in our working area, Kabale District.

Please view in the slider below photos of completed samples. More photos will be added as the project progresses.


We thank Dutch Foundations ‘De Carolusgulden’ (10), Schuhmacher Kramer Foundation (10), Solidariteits Werkplaats Uden (3) and Stichting Trap-In Uden (5) for making these 28 systems financially possible!

Any donation towards this goal, no matter how small or large, will always be highly appreciated!


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