30,000 Liters Of Rainwater Collection For Kabirago Primary School.

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Recently, we have finished the construction of three rainwater collection systems, each of them 10,000 liters, at Kabirago Primary School, the latest school that we have added to the list of schools that we support. Previously, we have also handed out school materials and reusable sanitary pads at the school. Just like the other schools where we constructed rainwater collection systems, this school is located remote on the Lake Bunyonyi surrounding steep hills. Not only the more than 550 pupils of Kabirago Primary School, but also the pupils of an adjacent school, Bavan Preparatory School, as well as people living in the direct vicinity of the school can benefit from this investment. Altogether, an estimated 1100 to 1200 people will benefit from it.

During a team visit to the school in August 2022 we found one, still relatively young, 10,000 liter rainwater collection system present. However, the system was not in use anymore and obviously in a condition beyond repair. Such a bad condition is often seen as the result of both the use of poor materials and a bad ratio between cement & sand. With on top of that no plastic tank inside, the system could not be repaired anymore. To ensure that a rainwater collection system can be used for many years without any problems, the use of a good quality of materials in combination with the right ratio between cement & sand is essential. In all our constructions we from HWMCO-Nederland & NiCA Foundation hold that in high esteem!

The photo on the right shows besides one of the new rainwater collection systems also the green mini tank that we found present at the school as their only source of water (for the whole school!) during our team visit in August 2022.

The construction work has been carried out in two phases; the first system was built in November 2022, with at that time the end of years holidays for the schools getting started. In February 2023 also the second and third system were constructed. The period in between was used to construct the also urgently needed toilet building at Burimba Primary School, which was completed just ahead of the start of the new school year.

Please view in the photo slider below a compilation of this project:


For all three tanks, it was a very challenging job to transport them from Kabale town to the remote location on the hills where Kabirago Primary School is located. The location is only accessible via small dirt roads that can become very difficult to access during periods of heavy rainfall. For that matter, the video below speaks volumes!



This also explains also why the 10,000 liter tanks are the largest size that can be transported to the school locations where we offer our help. At schools where always many children are present, for better protection, we always add an inner plastic tank to each rainwater collection system.

Recently, as can be seen in the (clickable) photos below, made by Nåbååså Criseñt of FOCUS FILMS Kabale, there has been the official commission of the project in the presence of representatives of the local government:



We thank the three Dutch foundations that have made this project financially possible. Last but not least we also thank our constructor Erasmus Mutana for his professionality and his great dedication!

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