School Materials Handed Out To The Pupils Of Kabirago Primary School

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Early this month we have handed out basic school materials (notebooks, pens, pencils and mathematical sets) to all 555 pupils of Kabirago Primary School. We also provided the teams of the school with a set of textbooks which is essential for them to have in order to prepare children for their exams. Kabirago Primary School had been added to the schools that we support, with others being Burimba Primary School, Mwendo Primary School, Kasinde Primary School and Kitooma Primary School.

Sadly, as also mentioned in this previously on our website posted article about education in Uganda, even though attending primary school itself was since 1997 intended to be basically free for children, in reality it is far from that! Basic school materials as mentioned above are not provided for free by the Ugandan government and to access them is very difficult for the large number of children that belong to the poor families, which form the vast majority in rural Uganda.

The school materials we provide are very helpful for the children, because they allow them to take notes during the lessons, which they can reread at home for a better understanding. According to feedback we have received from schools, possession of the materials leads to visible improvement of the children’s learning performance. Of course improvement of their learning performances will eventually help the children to obtain their Primary School Certificate, which is essential for them on their way of building themselves a worthy future!

Please view the happy pupils of Kabirago Primary School in the photo slider below!
Foto credits: FOCUS FILMS Kabale – Nåbååså Criseñt


Considering the perceived wonderful results of providing basic school materials to primary school pupils, this will of course continue to be part of our goals. For the achievement of our goals we completely depend on gifts and donations.

Also you can support education in our working area by making a donation today!

For each amount of €2,50 (for a pupil in a lower school class) or €5,- (for a pupil in a higher school class) we can buy a set of basic school materials for one pupil.

Coming soon on our website: 30,000 liters of rainwater collection for Kabirago Primary School!



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