Toilet Building For Burimba Primary School

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After Kasinde Primary School, also Burimba Primary School has now received a brand new toilet building; it’s called a 5 Stance VIP (Ventilated Improved Pit) latrine. Please read more about 5 Stance VIP latrines and the construction of such toilet buildings it in this previously posted article.

Burimba Primary School is one of the schools that we support. It is located remote on top of the Lake Bunyonyi surrounding hills and has around 300 pupils. It was the first school where we constructed a rainwater collection system in 2021, we handed out school materials there in 2021 and 2022, and in 2022 the older girls received reusable sanitary pads. As can be seen in the photo slider below, the small toilet block they had been using for years was old and dilapidated.


We thank the foundations that have made this project financially possible, among them Foundation Den Brinker; also, we thank constructor Erasmus Mutana and assistants for another great job done! Last but not least a big thank you goes to the Burimba community for in great ways joining hands in the construction process.


Official commissioning
Last week, the official commissioning of the toilet building has taken place in the presence of representatives of the local government, a representative of the local church, team and pupils of Burimba Primary School, constructor Erasmus Mutana and of course our Ugandan Managers Noah and Aaron.

During the ceremony, where many words of thank were spoken, the pupils of the school were repeatedly reminded of the great importance of education for their future. In Uganda, due to poverty in combination with ignorance many pupils leave primary school without a certificate which seriously hinders them in building themselves a worthy future. For girls there is the additional problem of period poverty that we as foundation are trying hard to solve in our working area.

Please enjoy watching the video’s below where both the headteacher of Burimba Primary School and a pupil are appreciating our work, as well as the photo slider. Both for the video’s and the photos in the slider credits go to FOCUS FILMS KABALE in the person of Nåbååså Criseñt!


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