Lightning Protection And Support For Completion Of Community Project At Mwendo Primary School

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Mwendo Primary School is one of the schools located remote on the Lake Bunyonyi surrounding hills that we are supporting. We have in 2021 constructed rainwater collection at the school, in 2021 and 2022 we handed out school materials, and also in 2022 the older girls have received reusable sanitary pads. Unfortunately, early 2022 one of their school buildings was struck by lightning. Apart from material damage, 11 young children had to be treated in hospital for burns . The event has left the pupils and the team of the school in great fear that the same thing may occur again, and it has shown that lightning protection is necessary for buildings that are located on the mountains.

During our previous visits to the school we had also noticed that great efforts were being done to construct a new and much needed additional school building containing two classrooms. People from the community, parents and teachers were cooperating in great ways to realize this project. They had succeeded in preparing the stones (in Uganda it is very common to prepare stones from a specific mixture of soil and water in self-prepared temporary ovens) and pulling up the walls. Yet, they lacked the finances to construct a good roof and to add doors and windows (locally called ‘shuttering’). The materials needed for that are known to be very expensive.

Seeing the great efforts done by community, parents and teachers, and the absolute need for both problems described above to be solved, we decided to raise the necessary funds. Over the last weeks the roof has been constructed, doors and windows have been added, and also lightning arresters have been installed to the three buildings of the school.

With the new school year in Uganda getting started in a few weeks, Mwendo Primary School now has three safe school buildings available!


We thank Foundation Casterenshoeve for financing the roof of the new building as well as the lightning protection for all three buildings; we also thank Thijs Jan van Hoek for another great donation that has enabled us to finance the doors and windows.

Last but not least, we thank the Mwendo community, the parents and the teachers for joining hands, both together as well as with us, in the construction of the new school building. Their tireless efforts and positive attitude have played a big role in our decision to offer help!

To achieve our goals we completely depend on donations.
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