Reusable Sanitary Pads For More Than 150 Girls.

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Recently, we have provided more than 150 girls with reusable sanitary pads, in combination with a bar of soap, which enables them to actually wash the pads.

We started this initiative early 2021 to make it possible for girls to also go to school during the days that they are menstruating. In Uganda the school participation of girls is known to be low (80% do not finish primary school!) with the structural lack of access to sanitary pads as a result of poverty playing a significant role in this.

As for the soap, because of its price, we have provided the girls with it ever since we started this initiative; yet, since early this year, following Russia’s war, the price for it has even tripled! It has become a commodity that many people in Uganda cannot even afford anymore.

We have with our team provided the reusable pads from three different locations: 1) Kabirago Primary School (remote located on top of the Lake Bunyonyi surrounding steep hills), 2) our own locatie, 3) one of our landing docks around the lake where we received girls from both Katooma and Bufuka village in Kitumba subcounty).

The girls have received the set of reusable sanitary pads and soap after first being explained about the menstrual cycle. The information was much appreciated by them, as it was new for many.

It has touched us greatly to notice what the girls would do to get a set of sanitary pads. On two occasions, where we had scheduled our meeting with them around 10:00 am, many of them were found already waiting for us at 7:00 am; several of them having walked very far, even barefoot, to be sure not to miss this for them so important opportunity.


We thank Dutch Dirk Bos Fonds and Trap-In Uden for making this financially possible.

Given both the enormous importance for teenage girls to have these reusable sanitary pads and the fact that the sets need replacement after about a year, we structurally raise funds for this purpose. Do you want to help with a donation or otherwise, please visit the section ‘How You Can Help’ on our website.


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