Urgent Call For Help: House Burnt Down At Lake Bunyonyi, Family Lost Everything!

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Recently, on Sunday 18. September, the house of Francis Ruyumbu (65) and his family caught fire and was damaged beyond repair. The family consists of Francis, his wife Hope, 8 children and 4 grandchildren. The couple and most of the children were not at home when the fire broke out. On their coming home they found the house burning and people from the neighborhood were already busy fighting the fire with all the means at their disposal. The exact source of the fire is unknown, yet the two children that were nearby the house working in the garden have stated that they the noticed the first smoke coming from a bedroom. A house burning down like this pretty much never happens in this area. The shock for the family and their environment is therefore enormous!

The house was built in stages 17 years ago from money the couple had during many years been working hard for together. The family has not only lost their house, but also everything in it. All furniture, all clothes, food they had stored, all their possessions have literally gone up in smoke. The family is left with only the clothes they were wearing that day, and forced to sleep on the floor of their kitchen, which is in Uganda commonly a small building in the direct vicinity of the house; some of their children are temporarily allowed to sleep in the visitor’s house of the local church.

The video below, made by a bystander, shows the disastrous event as it took place:



We thank FOCUS FILMS Kabale for producing the videos and photos below exclusively for HWMCO-Nederland & NICA Foundation:




More videos related to this disastrous event are posted under ‘Videos’.

Given the exceptional nature of this in and in sad event, we as a foundation want to make a gesture towards helping the affected family to get their life back on track.

Do you want to help with a donation? Please choose one the ways mentioned below:

  • Using the PayPal donation button on our website, or transferring manually through PayPal using
  • Transferring the amount to our Dutch bank account in the name of Stichting HWMCO-Nederland,
    using IBAN code NL56 INGB 0007 7485 36; if you donate from outside Europe, also the BIC code INGNL2A will be required.
  • If you are donating from Uganda, you may use our Ugandan bank account in the name of Nicky’s Care for Africa Foundation,
    using no. 1045201062094 (Equity Bank Kabale).

Every donation, no matter how small, will be highly appreciated!

People from the local community who want to contribute in other ways are also very welcome to contact Aaron (0773 128484) or Noah (0788 155769).


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