Our First Toilet Building At A Primary School Has Now Been Constructed!

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We are very excited about sharing that our first toilet building at a primary school is a fact. The project has been realized at Kasinde Primary School, where we have in August 2021 constructed a rainwater collection system of 20,000 liters. Also, we have early this year provided girls of the school washable sanitary pads and soap.

Kasinde Primary School is located remote on top of the Lake Bunyonyi surrounding hills. The school has about 400 pupils. When we visited the school with our core team in December 2021, headteacher Mr. Bananuka uttered his enormous gratitude for the rainwater collection system and shared with us his wish for a new toilet building for his pupils; their facilitation was very old and in bad shape, as he showed us.

Having noticed the excellent ways in which Kasinde Primary School is organized by Mr. Bananuka and his team, we soon decided that indeed this school shall receive a new toilet building. After first carefully having calculated the costs for the project and thereafter raised the necessary funds, construction could start early June.


5 Stance VIP pit latrine
The new toilet building has so called ‘ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrines’. VIP latrines differ from simple pit latrines because they have a ventilation pipe and a more substantial superstructure. The picture below (please click on it to enlarge) explains how it works. The toilet building has 4 standard pit latrines and a fifth which is also accessible for disabled. It is therefore called a ‘5 Stance VIP Latrine’.



Official commissioning
The official commissioning of the toilet building has taken place in the presence of several high placed local education officers, such as Mr Bwenge Moses who is the District Education Officer (photo), representatives of the local church, team and pupils of Kasinde Primary School, constructor Erasmus Mutana and we as the core team of HWMCO-Nederland & NiCA Foundation.

It was a very happy, festive event that started with handing out school materials to the pupils and textbooks to the team, followed by the official commissioning with speeches and words of thanks, and great traditional dance performances by pupils.


Please enjoy watching the photo slider below and the related videos posted in ‘Videos NiCA Foundation’ on our website.


We thank the Dutch (anonymous) equity fund that has made this project financially possible and constructor Erasmus Mutana and assistants for another great job done!

If you after reading this article also want to help us achieve more goals, please visit the section ‘How You Can Help’ on our website. Every contribution, no matter how small, is by us always highly appreciated.


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