School Materials For 1400 Children At Four Primary Schools

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One of our activities during the recent period spent together as the joint team of HWMCO-Nederland & NiCA Foundation has been to provide school materials to 1400 learners of four primary schools. Children of Burimba Primary School, Kasinde Primary School, Kitooma Primary School and Mwendo Primary School have received notebooks, pens and pencils. Children of Kasinde Primary School and Kitooma Primary School, where we had not provided materials in December 2021, have additionally been provided mathematical sets. Also, the teams of those two schools were handed a set of textbooks, which is essential to have for them to prepare pupils for their exams. At all four schools we have previously constructed rainwater collection systems.

Due to the also in Uganda currently fast increasing prices, affording basic school materials such as pens, pencils and notebooks has become only more difficult for many over the last months. In Uganda, as can be read in this previously published article, the materials are not provided for free by the government.

At one of the schools where we provided the school materials, we were shown a small and very thin notebook torn in two parts. We were explained that this is a way of some parents to divide the little they can afford among their children, so that they will at least have something available for making notes from all subjects they are taught about.

At the schools where we had also provided school materials in December 2021, we received feedback that the children’s learning performance had visibly improved, because possession of the notebooks had allowed them to take notes which they could then reread at home for better understanding.


Please find in the below sliders a compilation of beautiful pictures taken during the handing out of the school materials at the four schools:


Also, a wonderful video of enthusiastically singing children of Kitooma Primary School is posted under ‘Videos NiCA Foundation’.

Among others, we thank Foundation Trap-In Uden, PJ Rogaar Foundation and Solidariteitswerkplaats Uden for making this project financially possible!

If you after reading the above also want to contribute towards providing children in our working area a worthy future,
please visit the page ‘How You Can Help’ at our website.

Every contribution, no matter how small, will always be highly appreciated by us!


HWMCO-Nederland & NiCA Foundation
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