Project Manager Noah Mubangizi Elected Chairman Of Lake Bunyonyi Motorboat Owners And Drivers Association

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As the joint team of HWMCO-Nederland & NiCA Foundation we congratulate our Project Manager Noah on his appointment as chairman of the Lake Bunyonyi Motorboat Owners and Drivers Association. Noah has been elected chairman for the next three years.

Established in 1982, the association represents and coordinates interests of motorboat owners and drivers at Lake Bunyonyi, such as working environment, safety and development. It has more than 80 members.

The association:
– cares for the working environment of its members, which must be in line with government laws and police rules;
– is responsible for behaviors of both boat drivers and passengers for purposes of safety and smooth running transport fairs at the lake;
– helps its members financially through its system of savings and loans. Members collect 500,000 UGX per week among each other, which is as a loan provided to a member who is in urgent need of it, for him or her to pay back a fixed amount every week; all members are given an equal chance of this advantage.

The team wishes Noah a successful time as chairman of the association!


HWMCO-Nederland & NiCA Foundation
‘We Fight Poverty by Bringing Development.’


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