Great News About The Batwa: The Potato Seedlings Are Growing Successfully!

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We are very happy to share that the potato seedlings we provided the Batwa some months ago are growing successfully and will soon be ready to harvest. This is a great result, because many harvests in Uganda are at risk to fail as a result of current huge drought.

Early this year we also provided them garden tools as a first step for them on their way to self-sustainability. The tools have helped them in the process of growing the potatoes and are also enabling them to work on the land of others, that way gathering a little income. With the harvesting season around the corner and knowing that their potatoes have grown successfully, we have for the last time brought them emergency food.

And there is more good news! Now that Uganda’s tourism is on the rise again, the Batwa have also again started receiving tourists. Tourism has been their most important means of surviving for many years, until Covid broke out and tourism completely collapsed, which quickly found them in an emergency situation.

Over the last weeks also our Ugandan Manager Noah, who is a most experienced tour guide, could visit them twice with clients that had opted to make a guided tour of Lake Bunyonyi with us. Please enjoy viewing the videos and photos below that radiate happiness and new hope!



We will of course continue to monitor the situation of the Batwa as they further develop on their way to self-sustainability.


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