Finally, We Can Now Also Soon Resume Our Swimming Lessons!

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One of the activities we organized earlier this year, during the weeks we spent together as a team, was the very first swimming lesson of the new year. During the past two years that the schools in Uganda were closed due to Covid-19, it was also not allowed to organize swimming lessons from our Swimming Instruction Center. However, the prospect of schools reopening on January 10 (also the start of the new school year) made it possible for us to organize this first lesson.

Since it was the very first swimming lesson in a long time, we gave it a festive touch by giving many children from the community a chance to experience a short lesson, in small groups. For several young children this was their very first introduction to swimming lessons. The photos in the slider below show beautifully how happy and delighted the children were!

After the lesson, because of the festive occasion, we did not only give the children a slice of bread and hot tea as usual, but also a banana and a boiled egg, and finally a lollipop. Swimming takes a lot of energy and most children receive only one meal a day because of poverty; they have feasted!

Before finally allowing the children to return home, we distributed school materials to those who had not been able to attend our visit to the schools a week earlier.


Unfortunately, it was impossible for us to foresee that another, highly contagious virus would take over Uganda for a few months in the following period. Young children in particular appeared to be the victims of this and a considerable number even ended up hospitalized.

Of course, this was reason for us not to resume our swimming lessons for the time being. By now, another more than three months later, the virus (at least around Lake Bunyonyi) has faded away to the extent that we think it is responsible to finally start giving the lessons again. They will be provided by our three instructors, Noah Mubangizi, Innocent Tumuhimbise, and Emanuel Ariho.

We invite schools to contact us for registering their classes!
Please call with our Managers, Noah Mubangizi (0788 155769) or Aaron Twinomujuni (0773 128484)

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