Our Fifth Rainwater Collection System Has Been Constructed: Kitooma Primary School Has Received A Capacity Of 20,000 Liters.

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Earlier this week, the system was officially handed over to the school and put into use in the presence of all students. Kitooma Primary School, like all other places where we have previously constructed rainwater collection systems, is in a remote location on top of the Lake Bunyonyi surrounding steep hills. Because a 10,000 liter tank is the maximum size that can safely be transported to the often remote locations of the schools that are built on the Lake Bunyonyi surrounding hills, this newly constructed system consists of two separate 10,000 liter tanks.The school has more than 600 pupils (!) and all together more than 850 people will benefit from the system. As mentioned previously, in rural Uganda it is very common that people who live in the direct vicinity of a school make use of its water supply.

On our first visit to Kitooma Primary School, several months ago (we always carefully research the situation ahead of deciding as a team whether or not to offer help), we found a 10,000 liter system present that was in a condition beyond repair. Such a bad condition is often seen as the result of both the use of poor materials and a bad ratio between cement and sand. With on top of that no plastic tank inside, the system could not be repaired anymore. Also, another small system of only 500 liters that had gone beyond repair was found at the location.

At Kitooma Primary School, the parents of the pupils have some time ago started the initiative of building new classrooms to replace others that are in bad condition. The presence of the water collection system is also very helpful in the building process of these new classrooms.

During our recent weeks spent together with our team, we of course visited the location where we had the honor to meet constructor Erasmus Mutana, who was at that time just laying the last hand on the first 10,000 tank. Credits for realizing the rainwater collection system as always go to him and Kabareebe Hardware, as well as to the team of volunteers that has in great ways contributed to the construction of this project. Last but not least we thank ‘The Johanna Donk Grote Foundation’ and ‘Foundation Mundo Crastino Meliori’ for their contributions towards the financing of this project.

Please view below photos and videos of the construction of this system,


The construction of rainwater collection systems like this is another example of our strategy to invest in tools and facilities in such a way that large groups can benefit, whereby our first focus is always on children.

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