We Also Care About Safe Drinking Water: Bringing 50 Family Size Water Filters From The Netherlands

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As mentioned earlier on this website, the majority of the Ugandan rural population has no access to safe drinking water. Many people depend on small lakes that often contain ditch-water. The countless amounts of bacteria that contaminate the water hugely affect the overall health of the rural population and causes that they cannot function well in their daily lives. Also, people often have to walk several hours to reach a place where they can fill there jerry cans with contaminated water. Most often it is the children who are being sent for this task, which is not only a very heavy task for them, but unfortunately also means that they structurally miss precious hours at school. While water is known to the source of life, this is of course nothing but heart breaking!

Therefore, we from HWMCO-Nederland & NiCA Foundation have made it an essential goal to care for safe drinking water. Since early 2020 we have succeeded in constructing five rainwater collection systems, four of them at primary schools that are located at remote places on the Lake Bunyonyi surrounding hills and one in a high village. Altogether, around 3,000 locals are currently benefitting from these systems; their gratitude is absolutely overwhelming and reason for us to continue raising funds for this goal.

Last month, we have added another way of providing safe drinking water by bringing 50 family size water filters, developed by Ibota Foundation in the Netherlands, to Uganda. The filters absorb substances in water dissolved and capture 99,99999% of micro-organisms, such as bacteria. The picture shows how it works. The filter (that consists of 100% organic Activated carbon in combination with a composition of Ultra membranes) is placed in contaminated water. It absorbs the water and purifies it; thereafter the water is transferred through a tube and collected in a clean basin/jerrycan.

A significant portion of the filters was distributed among families from villages in our work area. People were invited to our location where they received instructions on how to use the filter. They were all happily surprised about the amazing result of the water filters, finding the water coming out literally crystal clear!

Unlike all our other projects, where we focus only on the Lake Bunyonyi surrounding area (Kabale District), we have for this particular project chosen to collaborate with Bwindi Development Network (BDN) which was founded by Mr. Alex Ngabirano, whom we first met in 2019. During a meeting in Kabale, during which we also had a very informative conversation about sustainable development, we handed over an amount of water filters.

Following all the positive feedback we have received, both from the villages at Lake Bunyonyi and BDN, we will in collaboration with Ibota Foundation, further expand this project.

Please consider a donation today that will help us provide more families with clean drinking water.
Every donation, no matter how small is always highly appreciated!
Every €25,- we receive for this goal enables us to help a family.


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