We Also Care About Safe Drinking Water: Visiting Our Constructed Rainwater Collection Systems.

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As mentioned in this previous article from our website, one of our goals since early 2020 has been to realize rainwater collection systems at primary schools that are located on the Lake Bunyonyi surrounding hills. An important selection criterion in that is how many people from the community, apart from pupils, can benefit from the system. In rural Uganda, it’s quite common for families who live in the vicinity of a school to make use of its water supply.

Today, we can say that we have succeeded in constructing systems at four primary schools (one of them currently being under construction) and in one village. At two schools we constructed both a new 10,000 liter tank and additionally repaired a 10,000 liter system that we found present, yet not functioning well; that way making the total capacity for those schools 20,000 liters. The other two schools have received two brand new 10,000 liter tanks. The mentioned village has received a 10,000 liter tank.

During our recent time spent together with our team, we have visited all five projects:
(all photos can be clicked on to see them full size)


Burimba Primary School (August 2020)


Butenga Village (March 2021)


Mwendo Primary School (March 2021)


Kasinde Primary School (August 2021)
During our team visit to the school the headteacher of the school, Mr. Bananuka handed us the below included wonderful letter of appreciation,


Kitooma Primary School (currently still under construction)
On our visit to this school, we were honored to meet Mr. Erasmus Mutana in person! He has delivered all the parts needed for our rainwater collection systems and constructed them with the help of others, which always includes volunteers of the communities concerned. Erasmus was just laying the last hand on the first 10,000 liter tank of this systeem. The second tank is currently under construction. A separated article about the construction of this system will be posted on this website after the project is completely finished.


The construction of rainwater collection systems is one of our ways to provide safe drinking water. Soon, an article will be posted about the handing out of 50 family size water filters, developed by Ibota Foundation in the Netherlands brought to Uganda during our last trip; a project that we are working on in collaboration with Bwindi Development Network (BDN), which was founded by Mr. Alex Ngabirano, whom we first met during our trip in 2019.


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