How We are Supporting the Poorest People at Lake Bunyonyi During the Second Lockdown

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As mentioned earlier, Uganda has been in a strict lockdown since June 18 due to the increasing number of COVID infections. The lockdown has been declared for at least 42 days. With millions of people still not having overcome the economic and social impact of last year’s lockdown on their lives, the consequences of this second lockdown for the already so poor population are incalculable. Poverty is increasing very fast; every day many people, both adults and children are dying from hunger. The situation is very urgent.

As HWMCO-Nederland & NiCA Foundation, we are offering help by regularly providing emergency food to the poorest in our work area at Lake Bunyonyi.

In the photo sliders below, we will post photos of our emergency food providences throughout the coming months, adding more photos after each distribution.


Photos of  our emergency food providences on 30. June, 1. July and 19 July:

Photos of our emergency food providences on 31. July and 1. August:

Photos of our emergency food providences on 31. August and 6. September:

Photos of our emergency food providences on 2nd and 17. October:

Photos of our emergency food providence on 2nd November:

Photos of our emergency food providence on 1. December:

The Batwa groups too deserve Christmas to be a special holiday for them!

On 23nd December, ahead of Christmas, Noah and Aaron have for the last time this year visited the two Batwa groups at Lake Bunyonyi; for the special occasion of Christmas they were provided meat and matooke (green bananas) along with maize flour (and soap for extra hygiene during the pandemic). As the photos in the slider below show, the Batwa were happy and grateful for the support.


Also in 2022, we will continue to care about the well being of the groups, yet our approach will change. Please stay tuned on our website for updates to be posted!





We thank our faithful donators, as well as Foundation Molenaar-Sieperda and Foundation Trap-In Uden for standing with us in this throughout 2021.


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