No Recovery of Tourism: the Struggle for the Batwa Continues

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Please view below the photos of our most recent emergency food supply to the Batwa groups that live at Lake Bunyonyi. The visit took place some weeks ago, on Easter Monday to be precise, yet due to circumstances, the photos are posted only now.

With the tourism sector in Uganda still not showing convincing signs of recovery, the situation of the Batwa groups continues to deteriorate rather than improve. The signs of the hunger edema that especially show in some of the young children, who are the most vulnerable under these heart breaking circumstances, are hard to miss in the photos. For a better understanding of the challenges of Batwa groups in Uganda and what makes them so much depend on tourism for their survival, please read these previously posted article on our website:
Living on the Edges of Ugandan Society: the Batwa (2018)

What also stands out about the photos is the fact that on them it can be seen more clearly than ever before that the Batwa people are of very short body length, which is one of the reasons why they are often referred to as ‘Pygmies’.


Please consider a donation today that will enable us to provide the Batwa groups more emergency food. Because we are a small private foundation with very short lines we can guarantee that 100% of your donation ends up where it belongs!

Donating is easy. You can do so by:

– Using the PayPal donation button on our website, or transferring manually through PayPal using

– Transferring the amount to our Dutch bank account in the name of Stichting HWMCO-Nederland, using IBAN code NL56 INGB 0007 7485 36; if you donate from outside Europe, also the BIC code INGNL2A will be required.

– If you are donating from Uganda, you may use our Ugandan bank account in the name of Nicky’s Care for Africa Foundation, using no. 1045201062094 (Equity Bank Kabale).

Every donation, no matter how small, helps to literally save lives!


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