Providing the Batwa Groups at Lake Bunyonyi Emergency Food under Heart Breaking Circumstances.

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Earlier this week, the Batwa groups at Lake Bunyonyi have again been provided emergency food by our Manager Noah, who was this time accompanied by team member Johnson and also Owen, who helps us from time to time.

After the tourism collapse in Uganda as a result of COVID-19, combined with sad the historical factors, which put them on the edges of Ugandan society, these Batwa groups have ended up in a survival mode where they cannot even get their necessary food. It will need the revival of tourism in the country for their circumstances to improve again. Please read about the historical factors in this article.

This has been the 11th time that we provided them emergency food and, while we found only a small group of them present in January (the others had gone on a journey trying hard to find wild vegetables in nature), this time it were only the children welcoming us, unfortunately in a visibly depressed mood. As they explained, one of the women, mother of some of the children, had completely unexpected passed away, and all adults were now together preparing for her farewell ceremony and funeral. The children were of course heart broken, but despite that expressing gratitude for the food we provided.


We want to continue providing the Batwa groups at Lake Bunyonyi emergency food as long they need that following the absence of tourism during this ongoing worldwide crisis. We assume that the currently worldwide carried out vaccination programs are going to contribute a lot to the revival of tourism. Of course, it is needless to say that we cannot continue our help in this without people donating for this purpose. It’s because we are a small private foundation with very short lines that we can guarantee that 100% of donations end up where they belong.

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