Adjusting Our Landing Docks to Guarantee Both the Safety of the Children and Preservation of the Banks.

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While we are looking forward to safely transport the children of Bwama Primary School over Lake Bunyonyi again when the schools will finally be reopened, now having three motorboats available for that purpose, we have recently also adjusted our five landing docks for both the safety of the children and preservation of the banks.

Checking on the landing docks early January by our Ugandan managers, Aaron and Noah, learned them that the banks had started crumbling due to the previously every school day mooring of our boats there. This process had resulted in (growing) gaps between the banks and the landing docks, which would also have complicated the access of the landing docks for the children on their returning to school.

As much as we care about both the safety of all the children we transport and the environment, it was quickly decided that we, in order to stop the process of the banks crumbling, had to adjust our landing docks in such a way that both would structurally be protected. With the assistance of the two engineers who always advise us on construction matters and help us build, a wide platform was constructed on the bank side of the landing docks and used car tires were attached. This will prevent further crumbling of the banks in the future. Please view the old and the new situation in the photo slider below,


We thank vocational school ROC de Leijgraaf for their generous donation that made these adjustments possible!

With our three motorboats available to transport the children safely over the lake every school day and our landing docks upgraded, we are all set for the schools to be reopened!


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