The Batwa Groups at Lake Bunyonyi are Still Struggling to Survive.

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On Saturday 30 January, our Ugandan team managers, Aaron and Noah, have again provided the Batwa groups at Lake Bunyonyi emergency food. Our special food providence the day before Christmas as well as a tourist group visiting them shortly after Christmas (with Noah), and another group in the first week of January, have been of great help for them (as it is common for tourists to leave a money donation). Sadly though, with COVID-19 still holding the world firmly in its grip and causing that people have to postpone their travel plans, the groups are today still struggling to survive.

As can be seen in the photos in the slider below, the group of Batwa members welcoming our team was smaller as usually, which was due to the fact that part of them (including several children) had temporarily left their settlement to look for wild vegetables for their group.


We want to continue providing the Batwa groups at Lake Bunyonyi emergency food as long they need that following the absence of tourism during this ongoing worldwide crisis. Yet, it is needless to say that we cannot do that without people donating for this purpose. It’s because we are a small private foundation with very short lines that we can guarantee that 100% of donations end up where they belong.

Please consider making a donation today!

There are also other ways available to help us achieve this and other goals. Please find them in our section ‘How You Can Help’.


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