Breaking News: Introducing Our Third Motorboat!

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As the joint team of HWMCO-Nederland & NiCA Foundation we are most excited about introducing our third motorboat today, on the very first day of 2021! The boat comes after our in 2018 and 2020 introduced motorboats and is by far the largest of the three. It can easily transport more than 100 children at once! The boat also comes with a perfect timing, namely just ahead of the announced reopening of the schools in Uganda later this month; schools have been closed since March last year following COVID-19.

We are providing our boats to ensure school going children safe transport of Lake Bunyonyi and they also serve to safely transport children of classes of various schools to our Swimming Instruction Center for swimming lessons. Also, we welcome schools to make an educational tour of the lake with us. Besides that, the local population can rely on our boats for safe (group)transport across the lake and tourists can book guided tours over beautiful Lake Bunyonyi.

Ahead of the start of the construction of this boat local team Manager Noah, accompanied by Johnson Nihawa, travelled all the way to Kampala to purchase an amount of good quality wood, paint and, not unimportant, the engine. With all other required materials bought locally, Mr. Jamil Ryazi, the professional boat constructor from Kampala who also built our first boat, could, with a team of three assistants start with the construction.

Please watch the process in the photo slider below,


On behalf of our entire team I thank Mr. Jamil Ryazi and his team for the wonderful job done, and last but not least also the board of the (anonymous) Dutch foundation that has been willing to fully finance this project.

The videos below show the enthusiastic launch of the boat, currently the largest in the lake (!), and happy community  members making the first ride with it,





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  1. I am very touched by how the spirit of God is bringing it live into your hearts that we have people in need of basic stuff such as those that you have provided.
    I am encouraged that has His lovely people around the world.

    Be blessed please.

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