A Merry Christmas for the Batwa Groups at Lake Bunyonyi!

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Yesterday, ahead of Christmas, Aaron and Noah have again visited the Batwa groups at Lake Bunyonyi to provide them food. Since we wanted Christmas to be special for them too, we have, successfully, made calls for donations in recent weeks. Thanks to all the donations we have received, we have been able to bring the groups, that live on the edges of Ugandan society, not only more food, but also a wider variety. Besides maize flour and beans we could provide them rice, matoke (small green bananas), ground nuts, cabbages and even meat!

The Batwa groups were very excited and the children even started happily singing a song about rice (omukyere) and meat (enyama). Please watch the videos and the photos shared below to taste the happy atmosphere…




We thank everyone who has donated towards providing the Batwa groups a Merry Christmas!


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