Lockdown in Uganda Partially Relaxed: Poverty and Hunger of Poorest Groups Only Increase.

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Some of the rules that were part of the severe lockdown that has been in place in Uganda since mid-March have been relaxed, but others are certainly not. With now around 1000 cases of COVID-19 confirmed and not one death reported, many businesses are still not allowed to re-open, all schools remain closed and the Ugandans remain very restricted in their movements. As a consequence, the already very poor population continues to suffer severely from the economic impact of the virus.

While Entebbe airport remains closed for travelers from abroad, domestic tourism is basically allowed again, yet people do not have the financial means and/or desire to travel again. For the Lake Bunyonyi area, where we focus our help on, and where far the majority depends on tourism for their daily survival, all this means that extreme poverty and hunger among the most vulnerable groups are only increasing, with also many children being the victim of that.

As the joint team of HWMCO-Nederland & NiCA Foundation we are not seated. We continue to plan for the future and raise funds for the goals we want to achieve, while we have made providing emergency relief to those in urgent need a priority during this crisis.

As can be seen in the photo slider below, we have earlier this week again provided the two Batwa groups that live around the lake packages consisting of high quality maize flour, ground nuts, and also soap. Ever since the tourism sector collapsed in March, these people have literally not earned one single Ugandan shilling to buy food from. As desperate as they are, they were most grateful for our help. The photos speak for themselves….please note among them the one that shows some very small fish that one of the young men had been able to catch from the lake; unfortunately, due to its location high on a plateau and its depth, Lake Bunyonyi does not even contain amounts of fish that one could survive on….


To achieve our goals we depend on donations. We are a small private foundation and our lines are very short. We can therefore guarantee that 100% of your donation will be used for the realization of our goals, without the intervention of authorities.

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