The Second Round of Providing Emergency Relief at Lake Bunyonyi.

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In past days we have succeeded in organizing a second round of emergency relief at Lake Bunyonyi. With permission of the local authorities (which is most essential, as without that one can be charged with attempt of murder because of forming groups and therewith increasing the risk of spreading the coronavirus), packages consisting of highly nutritious maize flour, ground nuts and soap have been provided to the most needy and vulnerable.

Among them two Batwa groups (pygmies), severely struggling poor and landless families, and also widows who have children to care for; most of them depend on tourism for a living, which has already in an early stage completely collapsed following the impact of the corona crisis in Uganda.

One of the women in urgent need of help was the only today still alive survivor of Punishment Island, a tiny island in Lake Bunyonyi with horrible history attached to it. Until the 1940’s unmarried girls who got pregnant were taken to the island and left to die. Only some very lucky girls, one of them the woman who we provided with a food package, escaped their doom. Her story and the sad history of Punishment Island are shared in this article on our website.


As the joint team of HWMCO-Nederland & NiCA Foundation we are grateful that we have, thanks to donations, succeeded in organizing this second round of emergency relief. Early April we have been able to provide some first urgently needed aid.

Also when the measures following the current lockdown in Uganda are going to be released in small steps, the most needy around the lake are going to need some time to recover from this very difficult period for them. Please enable us to offer them more emergency relief by making a donation today!

Of course every donation, no matter how small, will as always be highly appreciated!


HWMCO-Nederland & NiCA Foundation
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