HWMCO-Nederland Again Selected by Trap-In Uden for Receiving Financial Support.

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Dit bericht is hier in het Nederlands te lezen.


Also this year, Trap-In Uden has selected HWMCO-Nederland as one of the foundations that can count on their financial support.

Since 1974, a 50 km sponsored bicycle tour is organized on the second day of Pentecost with proceeds of that being divided amongst local missionaries and some pre-selected Third World Projects.

Amongst other past goals, the in 2018 from Trap-In Uden received support has been a major contribution towards the first motorboat provided to Bwama Primary School, while the in 2019 received support has been of great help in financing our Swimming Instruction Center at Lake Bunyonyi.

This year’s support will be used to (partly) finance a rainwater collection system at a primary school in the area.

The joint team of HWMCO-Nederland & NiCA Foundation thanks Trap-In Uden for selecting us also in 2020!


HWMCO-Nederland & NiCA Foundation
‘We Fight Poverty by Bringing Development.’


Update as of 30 March: sadly, due to the corona crisis and the measures that were taken in the Netherlands to prevent further spreading of it, the organization of Trap-In Uden had to cancel the bicycle event for this year. The sponsored event was scheduled for 1st June, yet, until exactly that date all events have been prohibited.

The next edition of the event will now be on the second day of Pentecost in 2021.

Although we regret that the organization had to make this decision, we of course fully understand the necessity of it.


Update as of 25 May: although the bicycle event itself has been cancelled for this year, the team of Trap-In Uden has received a number of donations from companies that sympathize with the charity idea behind the event.  More donations are still coming in. All this means that we will still receive (part of) the previously promised financial support this year. Of course we are most grateful for this surprising development!


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