New Development: Covered Area Added to Our Swimming Instruction Centre.

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These last weeks, an enthusiastic local team has been working hard to add a covered area to our Swimming Instruction Centre. The extra space, that is directly adjacent to the swimming pool, will protect the children from sun and rain when they consume the bread and hot tea provided by us after their swimming lessons, while they can from there also witness other children being taught to swim and learn from it.

Due to the enormous poverty, most children can enjoy only one meal each day. With swimming asking a lot of energy we decided to provide them bread and a cup of hot tea after each swimming lesson. To make that possible we have bought a hot (and cold) water dispenser to provide the hot tea from.

From our Swimming Instruction Centre we have since it was constructed last year September successfully been providing swimming lessons to children. Statistics about the overall traffic on Lake Bunyonyi showed that every month one or two people would drown in the lake. It is hard to find someone in the area who has not lost a dear one to it. The more children we can learn to swim, the more drowning in the lake will become a thing of the past.

The covered area has been made possible thanks to a most generous personal donation of €1000,- from our faithful supporter, Thijs-Jan van Hoek. The water dispenser was bought from faithful donations of Dania Nijs, Petra Ouwerkerk and Christine Wijgerse.

We thank everyone who has contributed to make all this possible!

Please view in the slider below photos about the construction process of the covered area, as well as photos from our swimming lessons:


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