The Moringa Tree Does Not Successfully Grow at Lake Bunyonyi.

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Despite all the positive facts known about the Moringa tree and our hope that it could contribute to the elimination of malnutrition at Lake Bunyonyi, we sadly have to conclude that the local circumstances do not allow for the tree to root.

After we had distributed seeds in May last year, we soon started receiving reports about the seeds not rooting. Moringa experts from Uganda then told us that the tree possibly needed time to adjust in the area and that the seeds coming from the trees that may eventually successfully root would probably much more easily root and grow into full-fledges trees.

Our hopes were then focused on a very experienced farmer in the area that had managed to root a few of the seeds. In August we were able to visit his place with our team. The photos shown here were made during that visit.


Unfortunately, some months later we had to give up our hopes after receiving the news that also this farmer had seen the still small trees die. Although a long and heavy rainy season had certainly not contributed to a positive result, according to the experts it must be concluded that the main reason for the tree not successfully growing is to be found in the altitude of Lake Bunyonyi; the area is located on a plateau with an altitude about 2000 meters. It has therefore a slightly different climate than other parts of Uganda, where the tree is known to grow successfully.

Of course we regret that all efforts in this have not resulted in what we were hoping for.


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