Uganda Trip 2019: Reading Glasses Donated at Bwama Health Center

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During my Uganda trip in 2018 I had, together with our Ugandan team, for the first time donated a number of from the Netherlands brought second-hand glasses at Bwama Health Center. The health center is, just like Bwama Primary School, located on Bwama Island and it is a major primary care provider in the area of Lake Bunyonyi. With our donation having been highly appreciated, we brought more glasses this year.

Bwama Health Centre opened its doors in 2012 as a result of a wonderful cooperation between Slovenian doctors and nurses, Edirisa UK and the Ugandan public health services. The health center is of great importance for the poor in the local community who seek medical care, because all services provided from it are completely free of charge, which the sign at their entrance confirms. This is exactly the reason for us to choose specifically this center to donate the glasses to, as much as we want to be sure that those who need it most can benefit.

From communication after last year’s donation we had learned that especially reading glasses are very much appreciated. People were regularly asking for them, even long after the by us provided glasses had found a new owner. That is why we decided to bring only reading glasses on our recent trip.

At the morning of our visit we found ourselves, just like last year, warmly welcomed by nurse Hossan, who emphasized on the importance of our help and how much it was appreciated. Our visit of that day had been announced in the local church, to enable people in need of reading glasses to come to the location that day and see if a good match was there for them. Like last year, it was moving to see the joy on people’s faces on discovering that the glasses really helped them to read easier again. For some people, it turned out that the single reading glasses we had put ready to be given out that day could not immediately solve their problem and we advised them to have their eyes measured by an eye doctor first. Between all the reading glasses we left behind at the health center, a good match may then still be there for them.

A big thank you goes again to the staff of the Uden branch of Pearle opticians in the Netherlands for collecting the second-hand glasses for us (this time even having involved other branches) and this year also to Piet Optiek, optics teacher in the Netherlands, for measuring the glasses for free.


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