Thanking Trap-In Uden for Another Great Contribution!

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Dit bericht is hier in het Nederlands te lezen.


During a festive meeting organized by the team of Trap-In Uden last week, we were informed about the result of this year’s sponsored 50 km bicycle tour, the event that is every year organized by them on the second day of Pentecost.

Although, due to weather forecasts for the day of the event, there were fewer participants than previous years, the final result was surprisingly good thanks to the fantastic organization. The wonderful amount of €2550,- will be paid out to each of the fifteen selected projects, including HWMCO-Nederland!

During our upcoming trip to Uganda we will as the joint team of HWMCO-Nederland and NiCA Foundation decide together about the currently best destination for the amount.

Of course we thank Trap-In Uden for their support in 2019!


HWMCO-Nederland &NiCA Foundation
‘We Fight Poverty by Bringing Development.’



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