As an Environmentalist I Recommend the Use of Drop Irrigation During the Dry Season

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In Uganda, we commonly depend on the rainy season for the growth of our crops, such as passion fruits, tomatoes, cabbages, carrots, etc. During the dry season, because of a lack of rain, growing these crops successfully becomes a problem; they will become more and more scarce, following which their prices at the market will increase by 50%.

As an environmentalist, I recommend drop irrigation (as a variant of drip irrigation) during the dry season, which I am explaining in the videos below.



Drop irrigation has several advantages. First, it is a very good way to achieve that crops will grow, also during the dry season, so that they won’t become scarce and their prices won’t increase explosively; secondly, by re-using plastic bottles for this purpose, instead of disposing them in a poor way, we are protecting our environment.

Let us please use our God given natural resources like water sources, land, sunshine and forests sustainably for the better future.


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