Introducing the Moringa Tree to the Local Communities.

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After having received Moringa seeds, NiCA Managers Aaron and Noah have last week started introducing them to the local communities, first to children and parents of Bwama Primary School, for others to follow. They visit families and organize meetings to inform the people about the benefits of the Moringa Tree, also known as Miracle Tree by many; after also having shared information about how to successfully grow the tree, they provide them with some seeds for them to get started. In the weeks to come, more families will be informed and receive seeds; also the Batwa people will be involved in this program. With every new tree in the future bearing seeds, it can in time be spread wide in the area.


Please stay tuned for updates as Aaron and Noah will follow the growth process of the seeds.



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  1. So great work being done continue doing that to create awareness to people.long live Nica Foundation and the entire team.

  2. Thanks very much for all the initiatives being done on behalf of lake bunyonyi life care uganda,we do appreciate everything your doing because it all so perfect and awesome.

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