The Third Landing Dock is a Fact!

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Earlier this week, thanks to another generous contribution of Foundation Uden WereldWijd, the third out of five much needed landing docks for the children of Bwama Primary School could be constructed. The landing docks facilitate boarding and disembarking the first by our foundation made available motorboat to ensure them safe transport over Lake Bunyonyi.

There are five places at the lake where the children gather in groups every school day. In the morning they gather there to be picked up by the boat, late in the afternoon they are transported back there. With the safe and stable boat being much higher than the formerly used dangerous canoes, boarding and disembarking on the banks without landing docks is a big problem for many children and also, pushing the boat back into the water from the banks is a heavy task.

The video below shows why the children are in need of the landing docks:



Please click also here for more explanation and to view another video that shows the improvement at the places where landing docks could already be constructed.

Only two more landing docks are needed! Please consider making a donation today that will help us realize them, so that soon none of the children of Bwama Primary School has to struggle to board and disembark the boat.

Every contribution, no matter how small, will of course be highly appreciated!

Thank you, Foundation Uden WereldWijd, for making this third landing dock possible!


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