A Wonderful Invitation from Dr. Patrick Treacy.

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It was a great honor to be invited by Dr. Patrick Treacy as an after dinner speaker on my charitable work in Uganda to the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) Congress No 11 in London on 22nd February. Dr. Treacy is currently the President of the RSM Aesthetics Faculty.

The Society, established in 1805, is a charity and one of the major providers of postgraduate medical education in the United Kingdom. Each year many academic and public events are organized, and the Society is home to one of the largest medical libraries in Europe.

With the Congress this year focusing on Aesthetics and Humanitarianism in Africa, this was a great opportunity for me to inform an international audience of medical doctors from all around the world about our activities, as well as our achieved and future goals; all of it of course for the purpose of providing disadvantaged children in Uganda a worthy future.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, Dr. Patrick Treacy.



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