Thanking Dr. Patrick Treacy for Visiting Both HWMCO and NiCA While Travelling Uganda.

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While on a Humanitarian Trip in Uganda with friends earlier this month, Dr. Patrick Treacy from Ireland paid a visit to both Heal the World Miracle Community Organization (HWMCO) and Nicky’s Care for Africa Foundation (NiCA Foundation).

At HWMCO, they spent a beautiful day rejoicing the children with toys and being entertained by them as they sang their welcome song. The group was shown everything present at the location, that has last year been extended with one and a half acres. A lot of trees and crops, such as a pawpaw tree, coffee trees, matoke (banana) trees, young orange trees, a guava tree, hibiscus, cassava and sugarcane are present there. Also, they were shown the contamined ditch water source that the organization depended on, until a rainwater collection system was realized at the location.

During a special ceremony the Irish flag, brought by Dr. Treacy, was hoisted and also, with Happy, the Founder of HWMCO in Uganda, having made it a tradition that every visitor shall plant tree as a sign of respect for nature, six young trees were planted at the location. Last but not least, the group was offered a delicious lunch consisting of cassava, beans, cabbage, avocado and traditional posho.



While visiting NiCA, Dr. Treacy and his friends made a trip over the amazingly beautiful Lake Bunyonyi with our motorboat, provided to Bwama Primary School for the purpose of safely transporting the pupils from and to school over the lake. Our local Project Managers, Aaron and Noah, were able to show the group the urgent need of landing docks for the boat.

Of course also Bwama Primary School, the school we are  currently supporting under NiCA Foundation, was part of the visit. Unfortunately, due to the pupils enjoying their long end of year vacation, no children could be there to welcome the group from Ireland. Yet, Dr. Treacy left them a message on the blackboard which they will find on their return to the school early February. Also, several soccer balls and school materials were donated, for the pupils to be surprised with on their return.



The joint team of HWMCO-Nederland & NiCA Foundation thanks Dr. Patrick Treacy and his friends for these much appreciated visits to both HWMCO and NiCA Foundation!


HWMCO-Nederland & NiCA Foundation
‘We Fight Poverty by Bringing Development.’


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