Playing in the Brass Band: the Children Love It!

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Amongst the activities that HWMCO-Uganda offers the children for free is also playing music on brass instruments. Music is so much more than a series of notes and rhythm. It is a universal language that exists in each and every culture. It can reach deep into the human spirit, providing a connection in a way that words simply cannot. With children being born musicians, it is important to encourage them not only to experience the joy of listening to music, but also to develop their musical talents.

While staying at the location of the organization for several weeks recently, I noticed the enormous joy of the children whenever they were playing the instruments, exercising notes and melodies on them. The photo slider below shows their joy….



The organization has quite a collection of brass instruments, which were over the years donated by Schagerl Music from Austria. These instruments are hardly seen in rural areas in Uganda, so both for the organization and for the children they mean a lot!

The children were both individually or in groups exercising a song called, ‘Gloria’, for them to be able to play the song all together in the end. When the children becoming more and more experienced, they can start performing as a real brass band in public, that way generating some income for the organization which can be re-invested in goals to achieve for the organization.

Please watch the video below to see the final result of the children’s diligently exercising the song, ‘Gloria’, with also a group of girls performing their juggling skills!



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